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Submitting links

What should I post?

Interesting articles only, so none of the following please:

  • No games reviews
  • No press releases… like a new game just announced
  • No other PR junk
  • No generic gaming news… like zomg the unannounced <insert game> trailer just leaked on Origin

Please do include things like:

  • Articles on games design
  • Articles on game philosophy
  • Articles on the future of gaming
  • Tutorials for code, animation and whatnot
My link isn't showing up?
Just give it 5 minutes, it'll show up when the cache refreshes
Can I post links to my own stuff?
Sure, just give it a custom title like '[Show GDN] Check out my cool thing'. Just don't spam and take the piss


How do I vote?
First you have to sign up, verify your account and log in, once logged in just click the little triangle next to a post
How many votes do I get per post?
Just the one
How does the ranking algorithm work?
Hotness is based on votes and the time a post was created. See this post for more information.

Flagging posts

To flag a post, please sign up, verify your account and log in. You should flag a post if you think it falls under any of the following:

  • The post is spam
  • The post is inappropriate, pointing to pr0n or something
  • The post is just wrong for the site. Any thing off the above list of things you shouldn't post

You will not take a post down if you flag it. The mods will check it out first and then decide whether to pull it or not