About Game Dev News

Kinda like hacker news but for games, their development and the industry.

Who? what? when? why? how?

This site was built by Edd Parris (catch me on Twitter on @empika). I love reading and hearing about video games and the industry. I enjoy reading editorial pieces and the longer articles along with listening to podcasts from such sites as Giant Bomb, Edge and Idle Thumbs.

I also love reading about general tech stuff so I check Hacker News about 10 times a day. I realized that there is no site like it specific to gaming that I can discover new stuff to read without having to trawl through forums and threads… GDN is the result.

GDN is built on Python + Django + Pinax + Twitter Bootstrap and hosted on Heroku.
If you are a designer and you'd like to make me an actually nice favicon, I would be most grateful!

There are still a few bugs here and there and still a ton of features I want to implement (release early and often right?). Any problems or feedback, please give me a shout on eddy at gdne.ws.